May 12, 2021

When Electric Cars are King, then less energy is more

One of the things currently trending in the market includes Electric Cars. This fact follows after the increase in demand for EVs and when many Governments seem to be trying to make a complete move to electric vehicles soon. President Joe Biden’s Government is also aiming at electrifying the vehicle fleet. Tesla Inc is one of the companies that are taking giant steps to the future. The Company recently sold over half a million plug-in cars. Also, experts argue that the sales will increase by 50% this year. Some popular companies such as Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Co. are currently working on F-150s and Electric Hummers.

The main question persists, where is the source of this necessary power? It is no secret that EVs are greener than fuel-engine cars. And this fact is the main reason why many countries are moving to EVs to conserve the environment. However, dealing with the mass adoption of EVs is not going to be easy. These general concerns make the question of the adequacy of power valid.

Fortunately, the answer to the question of the availability of power is simple and straightforward. Electrifying vehicles will wipe out the entire current power demand. The US consumes a lot of energy with a vast population. From reliable sources, it is clear that the US energy consumption last year ran about 100 quadrillion BTUs. While consuming such a tremendous amount of energy, it is also correct to say that wastage on a large-scale is impossible.

Burning fossil fuels come with its disadvantages. It generates carbon emissions that cause harm to the climate leading to changes that affect us negatively. These facts contrast to the renewables source of energy such as solar, wind, and hydropower capture. It may also lose some of the power, but most of it is put into use.

The thought behind this project is to electrify over 270 million cars by 2030 and expand the usage of renewable sources of energy. Not to mention, we can eliminate coal power with time. If everything goes as planned, the result will drop the carbon emissions by almost 30% and maintain an overall efficient energy system.

Experts hope to see a stable energy consumption chart by 2030. The replacement of coal-fired power with non-thermal renewable power sources means beneficial energy increases. With these facts, the Government will deal with the climate crisis and provide adequate power for this coming move. This project is a win-win situation where people need to learn to embrace future changes. Moving to electric vehicles is inevitable, and the Government is hoping people can digitalize the energy sector with ease.