May 12, 2021

Intel joins PGE’s Green Future Impact Initiative

Intel is now a participant in the PGE’s Green Future Impact initiative. Portland General Electric announced this. Intel’s participation has enabled PGE to sign a 15-year deal with Avangrid Renewables, which is AVANGRID, Inc.’s subsidiary. The deal involves buying 138MW of clean, reliable power from a solar plant that will be built in Wasco County, Oregon. Intel has joined over 17 municipalities and businesses that have been dedicated to buying clean power via the Green Future Impact Program.

Intel’s main reason for joining the PGE program is to facilitate the construction of this new solar facility. The plant is named Daybreak Solar, and it is expected to generate substantial energy for powering Intel’s advanced technology development as well as its production facilities in Hillsboro, Oregon. The agreement says that Intel will buy all related power credits from Avangrid renewables to help boost the quality of its 100% green US power supply. Intel has been one of the biggest PGE’s Green Future Enterprise Product’s buyers since 2004.

The director in charge of the Global Utilities as well as Infrastructure for the Intel Corp., Marty Sedler, said that they are happy and excited to be part of the team that is facilitating new solar facility construction. Sedler added that the company’s commitment would help create a sustainable Oregon economy. He said that they are proud to deliver their Oregon facilities with locally produced clean power.

The 138MW project, which will be located in Wasco County, will be developed by Avangrid Renewables. The facility will be built on private land that covers 1100 acres. It is expected to create over 200 jobs in collaboration with local unions. The facility will start operating in 2022, and it will generate enough power to serve over 32000 homes. The project will expect to boost the area economy in the future as it will help generate over $30 million of taxes and lease property payment in the entire project life.

The PGE’s agreement is the second local renewable project carried out by Green Future Impact Customers. In 2020, Avangrid Renewable and PGE entered into a partnership to develop a 162MW solar facility. The facility is so far the biggest in Oregon, and it is expected to deliver power to the 17 Green Future Impacts Subscribers and will start operating in 2021.

John McFarland, PGE Chief Customer Officer and vice president, said that they are happy with the Intel partnership, which will enable the company to achieve its climate targets via Green Future Impact Program. He said that the project would help decrease carbon emissions by 80% by 2030.