April 21, 2021

Mahindra electric vehicles will be serving Amazon customers in India

The Amazon branch in India declared that it would be collaborating with Mahindra Electric to develop and unveil more electric vehicles in the country. These vehicles will be delivery vehicles for Amazon, which are expected to serve their customers in the country. The Amazon branch in the country declared its plan of releasing about 10000 electric cars through the next four years. This announcement coincides with Amazon’s strategy of rolling out over 100000 electric vehicles to its global market before the end of this decade. The plan appears to be active with such strategies shaping its customer countries.

India’s Minister of Road Transport & Highways, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Nitin Gadkari, stated that the collaboration between Amazon India and Mahindra Electric is a great plan that will help the country transition to e-mobility. Moreover, this strategy will help the country think of new techniques to enable the automotive industry to eliminate emissions from the transportation sector as the country prepares to phase out the internal combustion engine cars.  This move will place India in line with the achievement of climate change objectives that the entire globe is anticipating.

The vice president of Customer Fulfilment Operations, APAC, MENA & LATAM, Amazon, Akhil Saxena, explained that they are hopeful of developing a supply chain that informs minimal environmental impact. He added that they set the target of releasing 10000 electric vehicles in the Indian market to ensure that they secure their position and reputation in this market. This move ensures that they can obtain customer feedback and customize their services to the demands raised. Moreover, the company can attend to the needs of the customers who order their services through the Amazon website efficiently. Amazon has also declared that it would be unveiling its electric vehicle delivery truck in India. This truck is a tri-wheeler under the name Mahindra Treo Zor.

Currently, the Mahindra battery-powered electric rickshaw is roaming the Indian streets like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Indore, and the renowned New Delhi. The rickshaw has become characteristic of these towns. Saxena explained that they would be partnering with the OEMs to develop local electric vehicles to promote the exploration of this technology by the local automakers. She pointed out that Amazon’s contract is what they intend to witness gracing the Indian transportation sector over the coming years. Finally, the country can become creative and develop a delivery fleet that serves the residents. Experts will be observing and justifying the claims made by the executive with time.