July 28, 2021

Make green energy; the default choice to help with climate change

The different governments are working on moving to renewable energy. However, some public and private sectors are against the move claiming that it is not a powerful option to serve all. Some argue that there are issues regarding renewables that experts are yet to solve. It is no secret that they are some issues, especially cases of extreme weather conditions. But nothing is perfect since today, with fossil-fuel power, we still often have a power outage. The main reason why people are against the idea of renewable is the fear of change. However, we will highlight why the move to clean energy is necessary and the assistance it offers to climate change.

In a recent study by researchers studying the Swiss Energy Market at the University of Warwick, it is confident that making green energy the default plan for customers will help with climate change. Why is that? It means an overall shift to renewables, hence reducing carbon dioxide emissions by millions of tonnes. Image living in a world where the air we breathe is safe, there are no uncomfortable climate fluctuations, and most importantly, it is a safe place to live. This detail sounds like a dream, but it is possible with the proper steps.

The report was published on March 11th, 2021, in the Nature Human Behavior. These details conclude after studying the Swiss Energy market and the effect of renewable energy changes to the default option for the users. Figures indicate that private customers and businesses widely accepted renewable energy as the default plan despite the higher charges.

The research team includes several influential figures, including Professor Ulf Liebe from the University of Warwick, Professor Andreas Diekmann, and Doctor Jennifer Gewinner. These team members took data from two Swiss energy suppliers and analyzed it. Statics show that the two companies generated power for about 234,000 households and 9000 businesses in the rural and urban areas.

These two companies adjusted their products, giving customers choices among conventional power, renewable power, and renewable plus in 2009 and 2016. Consumers were given the renewable pack unless they opt for traditional power, a strategy that emerged successfully. The company’s data show that Supplier A with a default green energy setting indicated a conventional energy drop. Supplier B saw the same results with people settle for the automatic option.

Some people claim that clean energy motivates people to use more power which is not the case after a well-researched study. From the survey, making green energy, a default plan can promote renewables aiding in climate changes. Statistics in Germany show that this statement is factual since it indicates a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions.