Home Technology eGPU on Mac (2/2): a good solution to boost an old Mac?

eGPU on Mac (2/2): a good solution to boost an old Mac?


In our first article, we saw that an eGPU on a recent Intel Mac could offer a nice performance boost, but also that Apple greatly limited compatibility: you officially need a Mac with Thunderbolt 3, an AMD GPU and macOS High Sierra. In this second part, we will focus on old computers.

There are three ways to use an eGPU on an old Mac, but a fairly new method has taken over: Kryptonite. It is an open source software, based on OpenCore (a technology related to hackintosh), which will enable support on a lot of devices abandoned by Apple.

The other two solutions are dated. The first is basically modifying macOS system files to manually add compatibility in the drivers. It’s tedious (you have to do them with each update), complicated (you have to target the right files according to the GPU) and impractical. Anyway, the new security measures of macOS make this possibility unusable, except to deactivate far too many of them.

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The second is a script called Purge-Wrangler. It is simpler than the manual method, more universal (it activates several types of GPU), but suffers from the same problem: it requires unplugging macOS protections to run, which is never really the idea of ​​the century. Kryptonite, we’ll see later, doesn’t modify macOS directly, so it doesn’t need to touch security.

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