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Elden Ring: after Berserk, players found a reference to The Last of Us in the game


Elden Ring is undoubtedly the Game most surprising and the most expected of this beginning of the year 2022. As with each release of a game FromSoftwarefans dig deep into its contents in hopes of learn more about deep lore… or on his inspirations as evidenced by this new Easter eggs present in the game.

Elden Ring : mushroom omelet on the menu

Each From Software game is a little nugget for the hardcore gamer -or the community, we are not going to lie to each other- who is ready to invest in his universe to discover the deep lore of the gamestill cryptic. A game of this magnitude has multiple inspirations and can afford to add little touches of humor and references to the right and leftin order to decompress in the most gloomy atmosphere ever created by the studio FromSoftware. For example, players have already found a reference to Berserk in the gamewith as much delicacy as permitted by the dragonslayer, the main character’s sword. Moreover, we tell you where to find it in this article. Also, you might be able to get your hands on some rather new armor, as Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann pointed out. Armor that looks like… Clicker.

click click click #ELDENRING pic.twitter.com/jW2IYO1ruq

March 9, 2022

Anyone who has already played one of the episodes of The Last of Us got chills just looking at this photo or hearing the very particular sound of clickers, these very particular infested creatures from the world of games who must be avoided at all costs and who locate themselves in space thanks to sound, via a very particular “click click click”. In addition, they are particularly fast enemies and therefore difficult to defeat. The best option is to remain discreet when you start to hear the slightest click. In Elden Ring however rest assured, no clickers on the horizonthe least monster being dangerous enough without needing to add more. The easter egg in question has not been confirmed by From Software, although there is no doubt that this is a voluntary reference.

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Elden Ring : where to find the armor of the clicker?

If you ever want to get this magnificent armor from the fungal set (or not), know that she is waiting for you very wisely on the side of Mount Gelmirdeep in the Igneous Water Caverns, after descending the Poison Waterfall. The armor consists of four pieceshelmet, torso, arms and leggings and are near a huge flower and some Servants of Rot. Be careful though, a fifth piece of armor exists (the fungal crown) and is not in the same place. It is not necessary to look like the clapper. It is much more difficult to access and will require crossing poisoned waters in an obstacle course, having to juggle between poisons and giant toads. To help you, here are two videos that will take you straight to the armor and fungal crown.

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These items are particularly effective in this poisoned area since they have particularly impressive immunity, vitality and focus statistics.allowing you to resist effects such as poison, various blights, madness, sleep, and even instant death effects. If you feel like a collector, there are many weapons and armor in the game, each more interesting than the other, such as the sword of the burning night, a very powerful weapon for mage builds capable of inflicting significant damage with its special abilities. You will find our guide to know everything about it in the article dedicated to it here.

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