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Elden Ring: face Guts of Berserk thanks to this new mod


Elden Ring is currently in its last phase of life, where the players relentlessafter completing the game, optimize and are looking for new ways to have fun on the last game of Studio FromSoftwareand this notably involves theadding mods to their parts to spice up the game contentor send messages, like this mod wanting to pay homage to the work Berserk by Kentaro Miura

Elden Ring : a violent tribute to Berserk

In video games, mods are an integral part of player enjoyment. If you don’t know them, these are additions from the community aimed at improving the experience of the title or offering a new vision of it. It can add difficulty, content, features, spells, tools or just change the game texture, soundtrack, UI or whatever comes to mind in whoever decides to modify the game and to propose a “mod” to the community, in the purest tradition of sharing. Many games are also known for their excellent quality mods, including licenses like GTA Where The Elder Scrollsor mods have become a tradition. Sure, Elden Ring is no exception to the rule, since all fans of From Software games know that the community is the key element of any good Souls Like.

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We have already introduced you some interesting mods in Elden Ring, like the integration of Will Smith as an optional boss, just waiting to inflict his famous Oscar slap on you. The one we’re going to talk about today is similar, in the sense that it also concerns a boss. Indeed, this mod available by subscribing to the Patreon of the creator Garden of Eyes will allow you toface the mighty Guts, manga main character Berserk by Kentaro Miura. To do this, he will simply have modified the character of Blaidd in Guts, the black swordsman. The two characters already have significant similaritieswhether in combat style, in the armor or in the monumental sword they carry. For the mod, he decided to change some of the boss moves by adding various moves from other bosses, along with a worked soundtrack and altered visuals. While Blaidd appears to be the source material, fans have spotted moves from Maliketh and the Leonine Chimera. We let you enjoy the video below:

Berserk and From Sotfware: great love story

Berserk and From Software’s games have a lot in common, the main one being thatthey both fit into dark fantasy, with the discovery of a dark, dangerous and singular world. The creator of Dark Souls Hidetaka Miyazaki has already expressed his love many times for the work of Kentaro Miura, notably by adding some elements to his universe coming directly from Berserk. We had also reserved some articles for you on the various tributes to the adventures of Guts that it was possible to observe in the world.

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Garden of Eyes is a famous modder in the From Software gaming community. It was also he who was at the origin of the mod adding a new invocation, that of the player LetMeSoloHer, who became famous for facing off alone, in his underpants with a pot on his head and two Malenia katanas, the toughest secondary boss in the game and all without taking any damage. The community fell in love with this character and made her a muse for Elden Ring just like the Fashion Police were in games Dark Souls. Also on Twitter, netizens celebrated the beauty of the latest Garden of Eyes mod.

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