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Elden Ring: Faced with waves of cheating, this player makes a drastic decision


While cheating has always swarmed within modes online From Software games, and in particularElden Ring, a well-known player in the community decided to act, but in his own way. And if many players are exasperated by his actions, the intentions are honourable.

I’Easy Anti-Cheat

Yesterday, we told you about a player who found a clever way to avoid clashes on the invasion system, by camouflaged as NPCs, by obtaining an appropriate armor set. A technique that made more than one smile, including the main victim, who did not fail to comment on the video: ” I saw the compass and kept following it but only saw the NPCs and thought ‘I guess he went the other way since he didn’t eliminate these guys “.

A pleasant video shared within the From Software community, far from the acts of cheating whose games from the studio are regularly the target. The difficulty of souls being full-bodied, many gamers use cheats or of mods in order to ride on the mode onlineand rot the parts of many other players, despite the relative tightness of theEasy Anti-Cheat. Recall that this anti-cheat tool is designed to stop (and catch) cheaters in online multiplayer games. It is also the same anti-cheat system that uses Fortnite.

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The famous vigilante

Faced with this, a well-known player in the souls community decided to crack down on the club again.open world. Known as Malcolm Reynoldsthis famous hacker has come to clean up the players’ games.

His technique? when a player’s invasion system is activated, Malcolm Reynolds can then infiltrate its part, kill him with powerful spells, and thus get him banned from the mode online. How? ‘Or’ What ? When the player is eliminated, he sees himself investing in his inventory of an unlisted object, the item pavelwhich has not passed the testing phases and is therefore considered abnormal by the game. So, through theEasy Anti-Cheatthe player is banned by From Software.

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This action, while certainly overkill and cruel to honest players, is used to mark with a hot iron the friability of theEasy Anti-Cheat, and alert Bandai Namco, the game’s publisher. In an interview with Kotaku, he states that the anti-cheat system used by the game is therefore too unreliable and easily bypassed:

The way in which one manages to circumvent Easy Anti-Cheat is another thing. I am a necessary evil. You might be wondering if getting caught is part of the plan, and yes it is. If I succeed, will the game die? I don’t think so, but maybe Bandai will fix it. It’s time to go mobile ยป

The method is certainly not laudable, but the intentions are. It remains to be seen whether Bandai Namco and From Software will be able to react to this call from the vigilante of the souls and D’Elden Ring.

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