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Elden Ring: George RR Martin denies this crazy rumor about the bosses of the game


Released February 25, 2022, Elden Ring is already considered by many delighted players as the game of the year. As fans continue to roam the Entre-Terre, the writer George RR Martinwho collaborated with Hiteka Miyazaki’s studio for this new title, has just taken the floor to deny a crazy rumor.

GRRM’s Annoyance

Announced for several years, the game Elden Ring could only arouse everyone’s curiosity. And for good reason: not content with being the first open-world from the cult studio FromSoftware, to whom we owe the trilogy Dark Souls as well as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the game was created in collaboration with best-selling fantasy writer George RR Martinto whom we owe the novels A Song of Ice and Firewhose series-phenomenon Game Of Thrones is adaptation.

Since the release of the title, players have been faced with a huge mystery. Indeed, if the world ofElden Ringits bosses, its nebulous plot, very much resemble FromSoftware’s previous games, gamers sometimes struggle to find exactly where the marks of George RR Martin’s involvement on the project are.

Recently, Hidetaka Miyazaki had explained to the New Yorker why he had deeply limited what the father of the Iron Throne could do. And the reason is very simple: FromSoftware’s very DNA is to offer games whose plot is felt, rather than explained. Miyazaki therefore took on the task of writing the outline of the world ofElden Ring, its main characters and its mythology. On his side, the American writer would have written, among other things, elements of lore to give more depth to the Entre-Terre. Everyone is therefore trying to find where Martin’s collaboration lies – which served as an important element for the marketing of the game.

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A rather strange detail has been noticed by the players. Many characters seem to immediately refer, by the first letter of their first names, to the initials of George RR Martin : Godrick, Godwyn, Rykard, Radhan, Renna, Morgott, Mogh. The author of Iron Throne would he have signed his presence by means of onomastics? George RR Martin has just replied, perhaps a bit annoyed, to this rumor in the negative in a blog post dated March 21.

There’s a funny story circulating on the internet about how I “hid” my initials in Elden Ring because… some characters would have names starting with R, G or M. I thought to myself: Huh? What ? Really ? First news ! I’ve been writing and publishing stories since 1971, and I think I named characters with the initials R, G, or M early on. Just like with the other 23 letters of the alphabet. Finding names is difficult, especially since The iron Throne, work for which I used many; I have developed the habit of giving characters belonging to the same family names that have something in common. But really: why would I try to hide my name in the game? My name is ON the game, as the creator. Elden Ring is exciting enough as it is, no need to fuss!

A clear message from George RR Martin. However, we imagine that these explanations will not stop the crazy quest of fans who have gone in search of the smallest detail of the lore ofElden Ring that may arise from the overflowing imagination of the American author.

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We recall that George RR Martin has recently been talked about again, sincehe announced a new book on the world of Iron Throne : the encyclopedic book The Rise of the Dragoncentered on the Targaryen family, around the same time as the book Fire & Bloodsoon to be adapted in the series House of the Dragon. Moreover, George RR Martin recently gave his opinion on the first episode of the series produced by HBO.

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