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Elden Ring: In order to avoid a fight, this player uses an ingenious technique


On the menu of ever-increasing exploits by players, since the release ofElden Ring, this gamer managed to fool his opponent, and thus avoid a fight. But how ?

easter eggs and prowess

Since the release ofElden Ring on February 25, the first dithyrambic reviews gradually gave way in the specialized press to the exploits of the most distinguished players as well as to some easter eggs well placed.

For example, the possibility of unearthing the dragonslayer, the sword of the main character of Berserkan armor which (although it has not been confirmed by the developers) is cheerfully reminiscent of the skin of the famous clickers of The Last of Usor the description of an armor, referring to the famous song of Snow Queen : Let It Go.

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March 9, 2022

Besides well-hidden references, player exploits are beginning to emerge in the ruthless universe of From Software’s latest offspring. A few days ago, a speedrunner achieved the performance of completing the game in less than 50 minutes, through this video. Today, a gamer performed an action that was perhaps less complimentary, but full of mischief.

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the fake npc

While it is possible to invade a player’s world in order to challenge them to a duel, a user named xdc_ shared a video on the platform of him dodging a fight against an invading player.

His technique? Impersonate a mob, and do your usual rounds. Indeed, before using two objects allowing him to be notified of invasions, and to attract opponents to his territory, the user takes care to eliminate the initial guard. Then, disguised as him, the player begins his patrol. A technique that hits the mark, since the invader does not notice its presenceas you can see in the video below.

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A player, who claims to be the player deceived by xdc_ commented : “I saw the compass and kept following it but only saw the NPCs and thought ‘I guess he went the other way since he didn’t eliminate these guys “.

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