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Elden Ring: players have found the most powerful sword, here’s how to get it


Elden Ring is on everyone’s lips. The discovery stage of Game passed for most players hardcorenow theit’s time for build optimizationfrom runs and boss. And in this little game, it is possible that we already know themost powerful weapon in the gamedepending on your build of course.

Elden Ring : the most powerful sword in the game?

Elden Ring is, like any good game in the saga of souls, a title that will not give you any gifts. Yes the game once again revives the debate about the difficulty of a game and the importance –or not- in an easy way in the video game media, its difficulty is also an interesting lever to find all the ingame ways to make life easier. It can go through optimizing a route that makes you avoid certain enemies, by a roundabout way of confronting an opponent which makes it ridiculously easy or by a way to easily get powerful items or experience to improve your stats. All this is being studied by regular players of From Software games. And about that, one of the weapons in the game can be considered one of the most powerful at this time, even if it requires a certain level of preparation to be wielded.

In effect, we are currently talking to you about the weapon named Sword of Burning Night or Sword of Night and Flame in the language of Boris Johnson. This legendary weapon does not look like much at first glance, especially sinceit requires 24 Intelligence AND 24 Faith at least to be used. She is therefore intended for rather hybrid builds focused on magic, where offensive mages prefer to have a very low faith score. Besides that, she will require using Dark Forge Stones to upgrade. Its base damage is coupled with fire damage, making it very important. But what makes her super powerful is his unique ability, Nightflame Stance. By using it with a powerful attack, this will unleash a volley of flames in front of you, where a quick hit will unleash a comet capable of dealing absurd damage to bossesespecially the tough ones, like Malenia.

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Elden Ring : how to get the sword of Burning Night?

This mighty legendary sword can be found, surprisingly, in a chest in Caria Manor, north of Liurna. Interestingly, the weapon is accessible as soon as you obtain your mount, even before facing Godrik the grafted. For it, you just need to take the road on the side of the cliff, to the right of Valorage castle, then go up the whole map of Liurna towards the northwest. Watch out for the volleys of magic, do some chasing steps and it should be pretty easy. Also need to reveal an illusory wall in the royal ruins on your way, a roll or a kick in the wall will do the trick. Once inside Caria Manor, here’s the way to go: Ignore the giant hands and go straight ahead, go under the stone arch and follow the road as it bends left in order toenter the church. Once here, go upstairs and activate the Fallen Grace Point.

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Normally at this point you are not very far from the sword. Head towards the bridge, ignore the ghosts, turn left as soon as possible then right after the second bridge. Below you will see a building, jump on it from the bridge, then jump on the next building below. Take the ladder down, and open the chest. The sword of the Burning Night awaits you there, very wisely. A shortcut is behind you to return to the grace point. If you are ever a collector or fan of Berserkknow that the iconic weapon of Guts, the dragonslayer is also in the game, and we tell you how to get it here.

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