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Elden Ring: the creator of the game reveals his favorite boss


Released in February 2022, Elden Ring spill a lot of ink. While some fans already believe that it will be the GOTY of the year, its creator has just revealed the identity of his favorite boss.

The best boss according to Miyazaki-san

To say the least Elden Ring will have been both the fantasy and video game event of the beginning of 2022. Two months after its release, players continue to explore it, for the pure taste of adventure, and to face its myriad of difficult bosses to kill. A real critical and public success, the game could not fail to attract attention, considering that it is a collaboration between Hidetaka Miyazaki, boss of From Software (Dark Souls, sekiro, Bloodeborn)and the American writer George RR Martinto whom we owe the literary saga A Song of Ice and Fireadapted in series by HBO under the title Game Of Thrones.

If the latest from the FromSoftware studio (Dark Souls, sekiro), thanks to an open world allowing to privilege the exploration, has often presented as easier than its illustrious elders, it has its share of tricky opponents. Let us quote: Godrick Le Greffé, Malenia, Mohg or Godfrey. Impressive and terribly powerful beings, but whose defeat after several tries gives a very pleasant feeling of reward.

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During an interview given to XboxWire, Hidetaka Miyazaki was asked about the identity of his favorite boss in Elden Ring. And his answer seems to be free of the slightest hesitation!

I have to say it’s Radahn. I find it fascinating, and I love the Radahn Festival. In addition to that festive atmosphere and feeling of elation it captures, it captures the loneliness and feeling of oppression that you can associate with our games.

Nicknamed the Scourge of the Stars, General Radahn is the most powerful demigod in the universe ofElden Ring. He stopped the motion of the stars with his power of gravity. Colossal, he rides a skinny horse. Fans of the game know how hard General Radahn is to kill.

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And you, what is your favorite boss? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments section.. Maybe we can prepare a top of your favorite bosses from the Underworld. If you liked this article, don’t hesitate to take a look at this glitch that makes the game extremely easy!

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