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Elden Ring: this Chinese imitation of the game is controversial


With probably one of the best starts in the history of video gamesthere are many players to consider Elden Ring as the game of the year, evidenced by the different scores and reviews that the game of FromSoftware received just as it was released. So it was only a matter of time before players saw clones intending to ride the wave, determined to pick up a few crumbs of the cake.

the ransom of glory

It is obvious that the latest title from From Software is one of the most popular video games of the momentevidenced by the various records that the game has exploded on Twitch and Steam. Elden Ring was launched less than a month ago, and it’s already one of the biggest hits of the year. Millions of players all over the world then embarked on the adventure, renowned for its difficulty. This enthusiasm has thus motivated some to try to reproduce the recipe for this success, sometimes in a way (much) too faithful.

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Mobile clones of various popular titles are not uncommon, and there are thousands of apps on the Play Store that take advantage of the success of other games. And Elden Ring is no exception to the rule. Guiyun Cloud Network, a Chinese publisher, created a copy of From Software’s gamegoing so far as to almost use the same name: Eilon Ring. Even the description of the game seems strongly “inspired” by that ofElden Ring :

Eilon Ring is an epic world, with a huge map and depth in combat systems. It is not only a masterpiece of the series of soulsbut it is also a masterpiece that retains the essence of souls while using the open world to further immerse players. The adventure in this universe is full of content, challenges and fun to explore: for most players, it is wonderful and unforgettable.

Players take on the role of the Faded One, collect pieces of the Ring of Eilon, and battle demigods […].

a more than assumed “inspiration”

We can then clearly see that this mobile game is only a simple copy of the From Software game. Between the very name of the project, the icon of the game, the artistic direction or the official description of the gameit is plain and clear thatEilon Ring was purely and simply modeled on Elden Ring, so much so that the Chinese company has made no effort to hide its inspirations. Besides, the whole interface of the game is only a mediocre imitation of that of god of warreleased in 2018.

Following numerous criticisms, the game was removed from the Chinese App Store, the only platform where you could get it. Although this is a common occurrence in mobile gaming, it’s still interesting to see how quickly these clones appear soon after a game is released.

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