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Elden Ring: this new application will greatly help you in your adventure


The Underworld of the game Elden Ring maybe sometimes difficult access to the player not initiated to the series from souls. To solve this problemone of them decided to take the bull by the horns and develop a application allowing to make the most of the experience Game without missing any secondary element.

Elden Ring : an application to help them all

The latest game from the studio FromSoftware, Elden Ringis the real first nugget of this first half of 2022. Barely released and the game was already crushing the records of its predecessors, in soon reaching 1 million simultaneous players. The game was highly anticipated by all fans of the saga of soulsespecially those who were disappointed by the last one on the list: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Conversely, Elden Ring meets all the expectations of first-time fans and newcomers alike who want to discover the experience of souls. If its difficulty is not comparable to -randomly- Dark Souls IIit still retains some complexity in combat as well as in exploration, since for the sake of immersion, the player has only a limited interface. Between learning all the boss patterns and paths, so it’s very easy to get lost in the game andforget why you got here, or why you had to go there.

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Because if the souls had the advantage of being labyrinthine with corridors and letting the player memorize his pathsit is more difficult in an open world as large as that ofElden Ring. Finding an NPC that gives a side quest and finding the objective of that quest can be a very long process, which the map intentionally does not help. That’s why the player and documentalist Dachary Carray has developed an application, called Shattered Ring, available for 2.99€ on the Appstore. The application is only available on IOS (and therefore unfortunately paying according to Apple’s policy) but intends to arrive very soon on Android. The latter lists all the NPCs and all the secondary quests and allows personalized monitoring of your progress in the game.so as not to forget any secondary quests, or to simply easily find where each of the monsters and secondary characters in the game are. Something to help those who have a short memory, or who forget why they came to face this monster after the 47th failure during the fight.

Elden Ring : a community game above all

The cryptic narrative of souls is not accessible to everyone, and Elden Ring don’t escape this one. Understanding the plot of the game requires an investment from the players and the community who are all active and helping each other during the research to find out how the world works. Even if many find it hard to see the involvement of George RR Martin in the screenplay, so little does it differ from a Dark Souls classic : a world devastated by a powerful evil and a handful of very powerful opponents that must be defeated to become the most powerful and unlock the end of the story. The interest of the title is the path to follow to get there, and the players help each other in this goal to achieve this.

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Because the community aspect of From Software games is not negligiblebetween wikis, player summons to help against a boss or the various forums dedicated to the story where the best way to defeat this or that boss, there is something to do to help your neighbor, no matter what the “git gud” purists say. For example, one of the biggest regrets of many players is the absence of a pause integrated into the game. On Reddit, players have found a feasible manipulation on all platforms to pause the game, where on PC, players have created mods to install allowing to practice said pause. In contrast, nothing is explained about the consequences if you are currently in multiplayerprobably it won’t work.

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