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Elden Ring: this player is a real hero, the FromSoftware community pays tribute to him


Elden Ring is like all From gamesSoftwarean extremely punitive and demanding. And in this little game, the community likes to throw many challenges more and more difficult as each other. But she also appreciates themutual aidand what we are going to talk about today is one of the finest examples.

Elden Ring: two katanas and a brief

It happens very regularly in Elden Ring to block against a boss. The game being well done, in general it is not too serious. It crushes you face down, you die, you start over. Sometimes you have the opportunity to flee thanks to Torrent, sometimes you just have to accept death. But no matter how far you’ve progressed, some bosses are always outside of your player reach. So when you’re stuck like this, there’s often only one solution: call on a friend stronger than you, like this individual who finished the game without taking any damage. Elden Ring is very practical for this, since a player can at any time if you wish join your assignment to help you defeat this powerful boss that is preventing you from progressing. One of these good souls has recently become a true legend within the community Elden Ring.

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Because today we are going to talk about the story of a Reddit user Sazed813 who, like many players, suffered too much against Malenia, the sword of Miquella. An extremely powerful end-game boss, blocking any escape, possessing monstrous reach, very fast, and dealing heavy damage. After 20 or 30 failures, the player decides to give up and call for help. Then arises facing the wind, the great hero of all time: Let Me Solo Her. A player whose the avatar is only dressed in a loincloth, a pot on his head and two katanas (River of Blood and Uchigatana). As his nickname suggests, he literally took on Malenia solo, taking no damage. Sazed813 didn’t hesitate to share his frustration after such a performance:

He was perfect and put all my attempts to shame. It was very frustrating to see it succeed so easily where I was unable to overcome it in about thirty tries.

Elden Ring : not all heroes wear capes

Rapidly, Let Me Solo Her has become a true legend within the community Elden Ring, with lots of fan art. After investigation, it might bea youtuber named Klein Tsuboi, who recently posted a video in which he helps two players against this same boss. The player has studied the fight well, since the two weapons thathe wields appear to be katanas with special bleeding properties, a very powerful in-game status that Malenia is very vulnerable to. This boss, even if it is secondary, is nevertheless extremely important for the weapon that it leaves behind. The Katana Moonveil has high damage, long range and scales with strength, dexterity and also builds up bleeds.

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Since Sazed813’s post, the name Let Me Solo Her has become very popular on Reddit. So many individuals have taken up the pseudonym to pay homage to him and do the same work: help defeat Malenia. The community paid tribute to him via diversions, memes, but also sculptures and 3D models. This is a very good thing and proves that the From Software gaming community also knows how to do more than invade other players’ games. In the meantime, if you ever want to know more about Elden Ringyou certainly missed a lot of the game’s lore. We explain a good part of it in an article here.

Truest of Chads, Pot Head #ELDENRING pic.twitter.com/BkEsbTtpjL

April 13, 2022

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