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Electric cars: what ambitions for China, which has tripled its sales?


The success of the electric car no longer needs to be proven in China. While the country is already the largest automotive market on the planet, sales have indeed almost tripled in the country in one year, despite the coronavirus epidemic. The Middle Kingdom does not intend to stop there and also intends to export its vehicles to reach Europe.

In China, the clean car is already a reality. And the largest automobile market in the world is also the most greedy for hydrogen and hybrid electric vehicles. In one year, sales have almost tripled in the country according to the latest figures published. It is indeed far from the image of the Chinese on a bicycle. From now on, it is in clean and silent cars, almost futuristic, that the majority of the inhabitants move.

The country, which is already the biggest car market on the planet, has boosted electric power with subsidies, hundreds of new brands and particularly well-designed electric vehicles. The Middle Kingdom has tripled its sales of electric vehicles in one year. It already represents a quarter of the market and is expected to represent more than half of the Chinese car fleet by 2035.

The opening of dealerships throughout Europe

What give wings to Chinese manufacturers, as explained by an American researcher, energy specialist. “Almost half of the electric vehicles in the world are currently in China. This gives them the basis to become very powerful players in the global automotive market, which they are not yet.”

Because China also wants to export its electric cars, especially in Europe, where Chinese brands are still not very present, but the ambitions are very important. This year, Nio, Geely or Aiways, brands that you probably don’t know yet, have planned to open dealerships throughout Europe. A project supported by the Chinese government.

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