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Elon Musk big fan of Elden Ring, here is his build and his advice


Elden Ring is a sensational game since its release on February 25, 2022. Many speedrunners are constantly pushing their limits, and those of the game, in order to offer us ever more impressive records. However, in this article, it is hardly about speedrunners, but about a billionaire, namely Elon Musk. The latter is indeed a big fan of the game, and had fun revealing his tactic on Twitter.

The Elden Ring Phenomenon

Elden Ring is a game that has conquered the crowds, thanks to its lore, its hidden details, the complexity of its game, and its graphics. We had previously told you about some well-hidden details that were difficult to see during a first part.

Such details, however, the game is full of themand this is perhaps what seduced, in part Elon Muska big fan of the game. The billionaire even agreed to develop, on Twitter, the way he plays. An unusual post that we wanted to share with you.

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Elon Musk shares his build on twitter

At the question “What class of Elden Ring do you play, sir? I would appreciate your wisdom. I fight with a mage” of a user on Twitter, Elon Musk responds :

Build Int/Dex, so mostly a mage who uses some weapon skills. Shield in the left hand, staff in the right hand and rapier and claws for the quick switch.

Change your armor from heavy to medium for quick rolls or blocking.

Change talismans often.

It is important to land a lot of hits in a row to increase your damage


May 9, 2022

Int/Dex build, so mostly mage with some weapon skills. Shield in the left hand, staff in the right hand with rapier and claws in quick exchange.

Switch from heavy armor to medium armor for quick throw or tank.

Move a lot of talismans.

It is important to make several small hits in a row to stack the damage.


Many players decried being able to choose the “mage” class when the game was released, implying that it was an easier class to play than the others, while Elden Ring wants to be frustrating, like all good die and retry who respects himself. Elon Musk’s tactic is therefore perhaps not the one that would have been acclaimed by the fans. And you, on your side, which starting class did you choose in Elden Ring ? We invite you to answer this question via our comment area ! And if you’re looking for a collector’s edition for your PS5know that the latter is back in stock.

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