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Elon Musk suspends acquisition of Twitter while waiting to count the number of fake accounts


Elon Musk lives up to his reputation. Unpredictable, the richest man in the world comes from “pause” the acquisition of Twitter for which he is ready to spend 44 billion dollars. The reason: he first wants to make sure that the social network does not have more than 5% of fake accounts.

In its latest official figures, the service indicated that it had 229 million users, of which less than 5% were fake accounts. Why does Elon Musk suddenly want to recount the proportion of fake accounts? Perhaps because he has made removing these bots and other empty shells one of his priorities if he is in charge of the service. Perhaps because Twitter recently admitted that it made an error in its calculation of the number of active users. And perhaps also, and surely, to lower the note. The significant drop in Tesla’s price makes the acquisition of Twitter more expensive for the billionaire.

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Following Elon Musk’s announcement of the day – on Twitter, of course – the social network’s share price fell about 20% in trading before the opening of Wall Street. The boss of Tesla and SpaceX nevertheless clarified that he was still committed to completing the operation. A welcome clarification.

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