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Epic Games Store: one of the greatest survival games of this generation free for a limited time


Every week, the Epic Games Store rewards the loyalty of its subscribers. Free games or in-game content, Epic does not skimp on the means. This Thursday, September 15, the Epic Games Store lifted the veil on the free games to be obtained next Thursday. To the delight of survival game enthusiasts, one of the greatest titles of the genre of this generation will be offered there.

one of the best survival games available next week

Since time immemorial, the Epic Games Store has offered one, multiple games, and even in-game content to its users. The only condition to benefit from it? Have an Epic Games Store account. Once done, just log in and add the free games to your library. A particularly practical way to expand your library without having to pay a penny. The publisher is not the only one to have opted for these rewards, Sony also wishing to offer free titles to its PlayStation Plus subscribers.

And this Thursday, September 15, the Epic Games Store lifted the veil on the next games that will be offered on the store. After Spirit of the North and Tea Captainavailable until next Thursday, September 22, it will be the turn of the games ARK: Survival Evolved and Gloomhaven.

ark: survival evolved

It’s not the first time that ARK: Survival Evolved is offered. Last June, in particular, Steam users were able to get their hands on it for free. It’s the turn of Epic Games Store users to enjoy it, with another game as a bonus, Gloomhaven. In ARK: Survival Evolvedplayers are sent to an area with varied biomes lined with dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures of all kinds. To survive, it is necessary to collect resources in order to craft armor, build a base and craft weapons.

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But the game also allows you to tame these creatures in order to ride them. Classic mount or real flying fortress, dinosaurs are then fully part of your adventure. But be careful, there is always one to eat the other. A title whose content has been expanded over the years, with the addition of new maps, new creatures and new objects, equipment and construction elements. ARK: Survival Evolved was able to seduce, as evidenced by its Steam ratings: 82% positive for 528,295 posted.


Released in October 2021, Gloomhaven is none other than the video game adaptation of the strategy board game of the same name by Isaac Childres. Alone or with up to 4 players in co-op, this title propels you into a dark universe of medieval fantasy where strategy and reflection take precedence. 17 unique characters with specific skills will allow you to overcome a dungeon full of challenges. Prepare your deck of cards and throw yourself in the exploration of the places to validate the quests.

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Its tactical turn-based combat requires skill and thought when its particular game system will still allow you to develop effective combinations. A successful board game that finds its way to our computers here, through a particularly successful video game adaptation. And from next week, Gloomhaven will mostly be free for a limited time.

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