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Epic Games Store: the free game of the week will turn you into a fearsome predator


Tradition obliges, Epic Games rewards user loyalty the Epic Games Store by regularly offering video gamesand totally free. So you can get today this week’s free game. And this next game, released just two years ago, will allow you to embody one of the predators most formidable of this planet.

eat. explore. evolve.

Become a real appointment every week, Thursday now means new game on the Epic Games Store. Thus, any owner of an Epic Games account can linger on the platform for a few seconds a week to recover the free weekly game. A video game library that grows without spending a penny, that’s enough to make you smile! And after offering us Wolfenstein: The New Order last week, this week’s game is nothing else that Maneater.

The game is developed and published by Tripwire Interactivean American studio known for its franchises like Red Orchestra, Killing Floor and Risingstorm. Released May 2020 on PC and consoles, Maneater is a action-RPG type game in which you play as one of the greatest predators of the seas, I am obviously talking about the terrible shark. The player must then evolve and survive in an open world, where the goal is to get to the top of the food chain. To do this, you will start as a baby shark, and you will have to face various enemies, human or wild, which will allow you to grow to become a colossal shark. “Eat. Explore. Evolve”.

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Maneater is a real mess, where you can devour everything in your path, allowing you to satisfy your craziest desires for destruction. The game is visually very pleasing, and the degree of customization of your shark really gives the opportunity to make the “character” your own. Also, the title of the game, Maneater, refers to the name of the fictional show in which it takes place. And this very American-style television show context allows the introduction of a narrator as cynical as he is comical, which counterbalances the silence of the shark. These are all the elements that give an offbeat tone to the game.

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Maneater is available today, until June 16 at 5 p.m., right here.

be careful, think about double authentication

A little reminder for those who might need it: you may have problems recovering the game from the Epic Games Store. In this case, don’t panic: all you have to do is check the side of double authentication. Here is the procedure to follow, step by step :

  • Sign into your account on the Epic Games Store website and go to settings
  • Click on the “Password and security” tab
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Choose between Authenticator or Email or SMS Authentication based on your preference

As for the next free game from the Epic Games Storethe game Supra Landyou will have to wait until June 16, 5 p.m., to be able to get it for you.

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