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“Everything stopped suddenly”: thousands of Ukrainians now deprived of school


In Ukraine, 938 schools and educational institutions were damaged in Ukraine by shelling and 87 were completely destroyed, according to the Prosecutor General. If in kyiv, the security situation has improved since the withdrawal of Russian forces in the region, education is almost completely at a standstill. Including remotely. Report in Kyiv.

In the broken glass and scrap metal, Olga, a CM1 teacher, looks for pens, notebooks and a few drawings from her students that she could save. His school in kyiv, Ukraine, was hit by a missile on March 5. “I want to cry, I want to scream,” laments Olga. “There’s all our soul here. It was the newest class. Now look, it’s a disaster.”

In the next room, on the green board, we still read today the date of February 23, 2022, that of the day before the start of the war. “The main thing is that the children are gone,” says Olga. “And may they be safe and sound. Knowledge is good. The main thing is life.”

On the road to a nearby village, 14-year-old Karina is one of the few teenagers from this school to have stayed in the area. She worries about her schooling. “During the first trimester, I had very bad grades,” says the teenager. “Afterwards, I caught up a little bit. But there, everything stopped suddenly.”

The school, a symbol in danger

The absence of education in a country at war could almost appear as anecdotal. On the contrary, believes Karina’s mother, the large number of schools bombed, nearly a thousand throughout the country, is a very clear message from the Russians. She says: “They destroyed a lot of schools so that our children could not rise in society, so that they could not study, so that they could not have a good job, so that they have nothing.”

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900 kilometers away, north of Mariupol, the Ukrainian town of Volnovakha has fallen into the hands of separatist forces. All in symbol, the school resumed this Monday. Under the gaze of armed soldiers and to the sound of the Russian national anthem.

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