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EXCLUDED EUROPE 1 – Images of the Russian bombardment of the missile factory near kyiv


The Russian army announced on Friday that it had destroyed an arms factory located in the suburbs of kyiv, assuring that the strikes would intensify to respond in particular to the loss of its cruiser Moskva. Europe 1 was able to obtain exclusive images of this bombardment, which constitutes a first major reaction from Russia on the ground.

There are at least four explosions in a row. There is no sound, but CCTV footage shows the violence of the strikes. The recording time display is an hour late, a source said. Europe 1 has exclusively obtained these images from a CCTV camera located on the front of a transport company whose offices were blown up by the strikes. This company is located across the street, about fifty meters from the site targeted by Russian missiles around 1:30 am in Vishneve, a district in the south-west of kyiv, Ukraine.

Electricity cut in the neighborhood

“Five missiles fell,” said a worker who was repairing the high voltage power lines this Friday morning. “It hit the complex of this factory, there were two sites, a metallurgical factory and another. The fragments hit high voltage lines of 35,000 and 110,000 volts.”

Electricity and mobile networks were also faulty this Friday in the district. The shock wave of the explosions blew the buildings of a transport company which adjoins the site. “There is at least 500,000 euros in repairs. “We don’t know how we will be reimbursed because on the legislative level, this question has not been settled”, explains Denis Maskevitch, the company’s lawyer.

Neptune missile manufacturing site

According to several sources, this factory in the suburbs of kyiv manufactured the Neptune missiles. The same missiles with which the Ukrainians claim to have sunk the Russian cruiser Moskva in the Black Sea. For its part, the Russian ministry announced the destruction of a missile production workshop in the Vizar factory located in the suburbs of kyiv. The Vizar factory is one of the Ukrainian factories that manufacture these missiles, indicates on its website UkrOboronProm, the state holding company that oversees Ukrainian arms factories.

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“The number and scale of missile strikes on Kyiv sites will increase in response to all terrorist-type attacks and sabotage carried out on Russian territory by the nationalist regime in Kyiv,” warned the Russian Ministry of defense.

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