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EXCLUDED EUROPE 1: the mother of the French fighter who died in Ukraine testifies


Thursday, June 2, exclusive information from Europe 1 revealed the death of a French fighter in Ukraine. He is the first Frenchman to die since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. His death was confirmed by the Quai d’Orsay. This Friday, the mother of this fighter testifies for the first time on Europe 1.


While the war in Ukraine has been raging for 101 days, the first French fighter died on the ground, according to information obtained by Europe 1 and confirmed this Friday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The 32-year-old father had joined the Ukrainian International Defense Legion and was fighting against the Russian army. Still according to our information, the French fighter was killed on June 1, in the Kharkiv region, “mortally wounded by “artillery fire”.

“We learned the sad news that a Frenchman had been mortally wounded in fighting in Ukraine,” the Quai d’Orsay said in a written response. This Friday, June 3, the mother of this fighter, Catherine, testifies exclusively on Europe 1. “I am very proud of him and he had found his place there,” she said.

“He was very attached to this people”

According to information provided by the mother of this fighter, her son died on June 1. “My son’s last message dates from June 1 at 6:56 a.m. I answered him and he didn’t”, explains Catherine at the microphone of Europe 1. He died of a Russian bombardment. He was accompanied by a team of “twelve soldiers of all nationalities”, details his mother. The men did not have time to go to a bunker in order to protect themselves. Catherine’s son was killed instantly.

According to Catherine, her son suffered “a huge shock” when he heard the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “First, he took the bus in Paris to go to Poland. He arrived on a humanitarian mission to help Ukrainians who were fleeing the country. He became very attached to these people,” she explains. .

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After that, the fighter volunteered for the International Army of Ukraine. The 32-year-old man’s mother says she was able to talk to her son through encrypted messaging. “I spoke with him on the phone briefly. I especially wanted to know if my child was alive”.

“He wanted to help people”

For Catherine, her son “didn’t find his place in France”, that’s what motivated him to go to Ukraine. “He wanted to help people.” The fighter was the father of an eight-year-old girl. “He loved us but he had decided to do this. He wanted to do this. When you love your child, you respect his choices,” she says.

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The man did not announce his departure for Ukraine to his mother: “He did not announce it because he knows very well that I would have cried so much that he could not have left. He taught me that once I arrived in Poland”.

“He had found his place”

The fighter’s mother is in contact with the Ministry of the Armed Forces, which has assured her of the repatriation of her son’s body. “The costs will be borne by the Ukrainian army,” she specified. The body of his son is still in the Donbass before being repatriated first to kyiv. It will then join Orly airport then Normandy, where Catherine resides.

The woman says she is “very proud of her son”. “He gave his life for a very good cause. We are very unhappy. There is nothing worse in the world than losing a child. He had found his place. He felt very good there”, concludes -she.

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