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Exhibition of the coffin of Elizabeth II: faced with the influx, what is the system in place?


The queue is already long to hope to see the coffin of Elizabeth II in London. The remains will be on display from Wednesday in the capital until Monday, the day of the funeral. More than 200,000 people had moved in 2002 for Queen Mum, the queen mother. For Elizabeth II, it could be four times more.

After this last farewell to Scotland, the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II will be transferred to Buckingham Palace in London. On Wednesday, it will be taken in a procession to the Palace of Westminster where it will remain on display for four days for the public to come and meditate. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected in the British capital and this represents a huge security challenge for the authorities.

750,000 visitors expected

It’s a human tidal wave that is about to sweep over London: at least 750,000 visitors, eight kilometers of queues and up to 20 hours of waiting to meditate in front of the queen’s coffin. On the eve of this unparalleled event, Mark Rowley, the chief of the metropolitan police, tried to reassure: “We have been preparing for this event for several years. Very competent people have put a lot of effort into this preparation, and myself in my previous posts in the metropolitan police, I participated in these preparations.”

10,000 police deployed to monitor the event

The metropolitan police are on alert against possible terrorist threats but also potential wild demonstrations. 10,000 police will be deployed in the coming days, and 1,500 soldiers are ready to intervene to contain the crowds.

Very strict instructions have been given: anyone who is drunk or has anti-social behavior will be thrown out of the queue to access the queen’s coffin. T-shirts with political slogans are also prohibited. The authorities also do not rule out the risk of an overcrowding of people in the streets of London. If this is the case, the railway companies will have to dissuade their passengers from going to the capital.

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