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Exit from standby (02/06): we mess with Diablo Immortal, and return to the flop of the Pippin (3/3)


Every weekday morning, listen to Exit from Sleep, Club iGen’s daily podcast! In more or less ten minutes, we go around the news of the day before, with the addition of a test, an interview, or a return on information.

We finish this morning our lighting on the Pippin, with a third and last episode of the strange story of this big flop told by Pierre Dandumont. And of course, we come back to the news that should not be missed!

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Today, Thursday, June 2, let’s grab our iPhones, our iPads and better yet, our controllers to slay the monsters of Hell: Diablo Immortal has finally made its appearance on the App Store. Less encouraging, we also come back to the announced end of Tweetdeck on Mac.

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