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FIFA Presidency: Gianni Infantino, a tartuffe in the campaign


FIFA President Gianni Infantino has strongly defended his plan for a football World Cup every two years before the Council of Europe. The Swiss wants to carry out his project so much that he does not hesitate to use all the arguments, including the most improbable. Decryption.


Gianni Infantino dares everything. This is even how we recognize him. He wants to sell us his World Cup every two years so badly that he is ready to present it as a miracle cure for all the problems in the world. With this project, he simply wants to “give hope to Africans so that they no longer have to cross the Mediterranean to find, perhaps, a better life or more likely death at sea”. He really said that. Yes, you read word for word what the President of FIFA said before the Council of Europe. You see, it was still not very difficult to solve this problem of refugees, a World Cup every two years and that’s settled.

Everyone is happy. How hadn’t we thought of that before? I foolishly thought (with this World Cup) that we were only talking about football. But in fact, we are talking about peace in the world, squarely. Gianni Infantino wants to give us happiness. He says it’s about giving everyone opportunities and dignity. Honestly, don’t you miss this speech a bit? He could almost have punctuated it with an “I have a dream”. As long as you do, you might as well try. The bigger it is, the more it’s acceptable.

CAF, a strategic confederation

Gianni Infantino relies heavily on the African continent for this World Cup every two years. As long as he only talks to us about football, why not? Everything can be discussed. I can hear when he says that in Europe, as all the best players in the world play on our continent, obviously, we don’t really see the interest of a biannual World Cup because big matches, we have twice per week. While in Africa, it would be an opportunity for the selections to measure themselves more often against the strongest teams and therefore to progress. May be.

But if the African Confederation is the most enthusiastic about the idea of ​​​​multiplying the World Cups, it is also because it is dangled with the opportunity to have much greater income with this reform. There are 54 federations in Africa. It weighs heavily in the FIFA elections and that’s good because the next vote is in a year. Things are still well done. While Gianni Infantino is not trying to pass himself off as the next Nobel Peace Prize. He is absolutely not fooling anyone. He is a FIFA president who campaigns without cleats, but with big clogs.

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