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Final Cut Pro: Apple responds to criticism from professional users


Apple has heard the complaints expressed by Final Cut Pro specialists and will respond to them soon, she promises in a statement to the specialized site Fcp.co.

The exchange was prompted by an open letter published last April, in which a large group of users of this application complained that they did not see it promoted enough by Apple. One of the corollaries was a form of ignorance or even hostility towards this product – which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year – within the cinema or television production chains. Working with Final Cut Pro on projects sometimes felt like mission impossible.

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Apple isn’t doing enough to promote Final Cut Pro, video editing pros say

Message received responds in substance Apple, which details some of its intentions to remedy these problems. In the preamble, it recalls that television and film productions – without citing any recent ones – have been produced with its software.

Then come the measures taken and those to come. Requests for some big requested features seem to be in the pipeline. Apple claims to have everything you need in its plans. There aren’t any more details on these upcoming new features, but there was a request for more collaborative features, modeled on what the latest DaVinci Resolve does.

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In terms of promoting Final Cut Pro to decision-makers, three initiatives have been announced. First the launch, this month with its partner Future Media Concepts, of a series of new training courses and certifications for professional users.

Then the constitution of a group of experts in the field with whom regular consultations will be organised. These meetings between Apple and these specialists will begin during the summer.

Finally, if Apple already offers workshops to discover its software for television and cinema teams, it intends to increase the frequency and content of the programs.

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