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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: the sequel to the remake offers a first trailer, but this detail will disappoint fans


Released in April 2020, Final Fantasy VII Remake made a great noise when he landed. Two years later, Square-Enix unveils the first teaser for the second part, as well as a release date. However, bad news is looming!

An announcement we’ve all been waiting for

Since its release in 1997, Final Fantasy VII enjoys ever-increasing popularity. Counting both among the best games in Square Enix’s cult saga, but also among the best games, the game got a brand new version in 2020, Final Fantasy VII Remake. Not only was the cult game revamped with completely revamped graphics, and to be honest, very beautiful, but also with major changes to its story and gameplay. Points which have deeply divided the fans, but which allows the game to deserve its name of remake. Above all, the game is divided into several parts, Final Fantasy VII Remake stopping as the AVALANCHE group leaves Mitgar.

Two years later, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VIISquare Enix has finally lifted the veil on the second part. It is therefore titled Final Fantasy VII Rebirthand gets a first trailer.

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As for the release date, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is scheduled for Winter 2023 (“next winter“), while the remastered version of the prequel released on PSP in 2007, Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunionwill be released this winter 2022 (“this winter“) on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and on Steam.

But back to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, since if the announcement has everything to be exciting, there is however a small detail that should not delight everyone. In effect, as we can see at the end of the trailer, the game is planned to be a PS5 exclusive. Very bad news for fans who still don’t have Sony’s latest console, sales of which have been difficult due to the shortage of certain parts. We recall that Final Fantasy VII Remake was first released on PS4, then on PS5 once the console launched.

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Will the game remain an exclusive for long? For the moment we have no information on this subject. Especially since theone would have hoped, if Sony’s objective was to favor PS5 players, that Square Enix would release some kind of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Intergradeexclusively for the console as had been done for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

Whatever, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be the second part of a trilogy, since Square Enix has already announced a third part to its remake. We will of course keep you informed about the progress of these projects. In the meantime, we remind you that one of the most popular opuses in the saga will be adapted into an animated series.

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