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Foot: an open procedure for fraud after a 22-1 during a Regional 2 match


Following the match between Arles and FC Septèmes which ended with a score of 22 to 1 on Sunday, a procedure was opened by the Disciplinary Committee of the Mediterranean League for suspicion of fraud. The Septèmes team was, according to testimony, made up of reserve players as well as the coach.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Mediterranean Football League has opened a file for suspicion of fraud concerning the match Arles-FC Septèmes of Regional 2, concluded Sunday with the score of 22-1, a frozen result. “A disciplinary file for suspicion of fraud was opened on Wednesday evening by the regional disciplinary committee. The file is now under investigation and the result of the match has been frozen,” a source told AFP. A rapporteur has been appointed, will now carry out an investigation and hearings. The referee of the match, as well as the delegate and the leaders of the clubs concerned, should be heard. The procedure should last “about a month”.

The frozen score

The result of Sunday’s match attracted particular attention because, in addition to its magnitude, it allowed Arles to regain first place in the R2 championship, the seventh echelon of French football, from the reserve of Martigues, which was so far in the lead on goal difference. Only the first place allows access to the Regional 1 championship. The fact that the score has been frozen implies that the last day, which is played this weekend, will not allow to know the promoted club.

A player over 50 aligned

According to several testimonies, the Septèmes team was made up of members of the reserve team, “even team 3” and its goalkeeper was a field player. The coach also played, as well as another educator over 50. “Logic would have us take 30 or 40 goals,” said Salah Nasri, president of FC Septèmes, to the daily La Provence on Monday.

“We wanted to end the season honorably, without forfeiting and thus maintaining the ethics of the championship”, he added, referring to the need to requisition the reserve because the players of his team were “demobilized” at the end of this season. season and had not wanted to make the trip to Arles.

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