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Football: the day after the violence in Saint-Etienne, appalled supporters


Sunday evening, violence broke out at the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium in Saint-Etienne after the relegation of the Greens to Ligue 2. Thousands of individuals invaded the lawn at the end of the meeting, shot fireworks and threw smoke bombs . Scenes that revolt most supporters on Monday.

The 2021-2022 season is ending in the worst possible way in the stadiums of France. After the excesses that punctuated the Champions League final on Saturday evening at the Stade de France, it was in Saint-Etienne that violence broke out on Sunday evening after the relegation of the Greens to Ligue 2. Hundreds of supporters invaded the lawn just after the penalty shootout won by Auxerre, which therefore won its ticket to Ligue 1.

Furious, several Saint-Etienne fans began to throw dozens of smoke bombs on the lawn when the players had not yet returned to their locker rooms. The CRS eventually intervened by using tear gas to disperse the crowd. This Monday morning, after the descent of ASSE in Ligue 2, the city of Saint-Etienne wakes up with a hangover. But it is indeed this violence which occurred immediately after the last victorious shot on goal for the Auxerrois which triggers the most headaches.

The mayor of Saint-Étienne disappointed by the situation

The mayor of Saint-Étienne, Gael Perdriau, a pure Stéphanois, raised in the culture and love of the Greens, admits neither the reaction of the supporters, nor the amateurism of the leaders of the club, who failed to organize security . “How can you enter a stadium with agricultural bombs, with smoke bombs when it’s forbidden. It seemed to me that the searches were systematic and compulsory at the entrance to the stadium. So that’s enough. Everything that happens in the stadium and for access to the stadium is the responsibility of the club. It is very easy to know who is responsible for what. And therefore everyone must assume their responsibilities where they are”, he explains. .

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These fireworks and this invasion of the field leave many fans speechless. “It’s catastrophic. I was in the stands, I was just behind the players where there were the CRS. So I took a projectile, I still have the mark here. So no, he doesn’t must not be tolerated. We are known to be exceptional supporters, like Lens or OM for example. But there, it is not tolerable. Afterwards, I can understand the frustration of this season but that it goes so far , no. There were children, elderly people. We can’t react like that,” said Nicolas at the microphone of Europe 1.

A major cleaning at the head of the club?

Alice shares this feeling of disgust. “It’s deplorable to fight like that, it’s horrible. I think we shouldn’t fight in a sport. We won’t hurt them to send them to the hospitals for a bit to see what’s going on. it’s happening. No, it’s deplorable”. The condemnation of the violence is almost unanimous even if there is still a feeling of great frustration among the supporters after this chaotic season. Some, like Mathieu, want this relegation to Ligue 2 to make it possible to clean up the club and lead to the departure of Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo, the two co-presidents of ASSE.

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“We hope they’ll leave and we can move on. They’ve done a lot of mischief since they’ve been there. Considering the number of players they’ve sold and seeing the money they’ve There is at the club, we can ask ourselves the question ‘where did the money go? We are talking about an American billionaire. For once, everything but more Romeyer, Caïazzo”, proclaims Mathieu. The two men, more than ever in the hot seat, promised just after the end of the match on Sunday that a very important announcement for the future of the club would be made in the coming days. It could actually be a sale of AS Saint-Etienne.

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