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Ford cuts in half to promote electric


The electric transition forces car manufacturers to adopt new gymnastics, whether in terms of infrastructure with the development of common production platforms, or even at the structural level. Ford has thus announced that the company will split its two main activities: on the one hand Ford Blue, which will deal with traditional ranges with internal combustion engines, on the other Ford Model E for electric vehicles.

The leadership of the Model E structure includes in its ranks Doug Field, who was vice president of Apple’s special projects group until last September – and as such, he was one of the main people responsible for the famous project Titan. He left Cupertino to join Ford, where he is responsible for the creation of products as well as on-board software systems.

The president of Ford Model E will be none other than the CEO and chairman of Ford itself, Jim Farley, a sign of the importance of the entity for the 118-year-old automaker. Kumar Galhotra, president of Ford for the Americas and international markets, takes the reins of Ford Blue.

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Ford Model E has several vehicles in its catalog, such as the F-150 Lightning competitor of the vaporware Cybertruck from Tesla, or the Mustang Mach-E, heir to the famous galloping horse brand. Apart from the design and production of electric vehicles, Model E also has the ambition to deeply renew the customer journey, clearly inspired by what Tesla is doing.

The F-150 Lightning.
The Mustang Mach-E.

It is indeed a question of creating an exciting new shopping and buying experience for [nos] future electric vehicle customers “: this will go through a new e-commerce platform ” simple and intuitive “, prices ” transparent » and personalized customer support that will turn them into « Ford ambassadors “. In hollow, it is a strong criticism of the current customer journey and the validation of the Tesla model.

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Six months in Tesla: an atypical ordering process

Six months in Tesla: an atypical ordering process

In North America, however, Ford promises to keep the current franchise model, but dealers who wish to do so will be able to opt for the new transparent platform. This promises some turmoil in the network, but given the box of pre-orders for the electric F-150 (more than 160,000 last November), the manufacturer has a few arguments to tip the scales in its favor.

Ford expects the Model E entity to be profitable within the next four years. It will benefit from 5 billion dollars of investments for 2022, while the thermal division will have to achieve 3 billion in savings over the next four years.

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