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Fortnite: after Spider-Man and Thanos, this Avengers finally arrives in Epic’s Battle Royale


It has been several years since Fortnite fully embraces its status as a massively popular Battle Royale. The seasons follow one another and the updates struggle to retain many big players, who in turn leave the ship. However, collaborations follow one another, like the recent arrival of Spider-Man in the Battle Royale. And after the spider-man, here is an Avengers pointing the tip of his nose.

fortnite and collaborations, a love story

For several years now, Fortnite multiplies partnerships with the big names in Pop Culture to present itself even more as a pillar of entertainment. In-game concerts, collaboration after film releases or derivative products, Fortnite continue its ascent. Lately, Epic’s Battle Royale had welcomed the arrival of Spider-Man to accompany the theatrical release of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The spider-man from Marvel therefore landed there with his webs and above all a particularly dynamic and appreciable gameplay. Successful bet for Fortnite who then manages to propose a successful collaboration. But of course, this format is not going away anytime soon and the most famous Battle Royale in the world has taken advantage of this week to unveil its new collaboration. Effective since last night, this umpteenth partnership once again mixes Fortnite to the Marvel universe, with not a collaboration for a film, but indeed a series.

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when clint barton joined fortnite

On the menu, an Avengers: Hawkeye. On the occasion of the broadcast of the series Hawkeye on Disney+, the 6 episodes of which were broadcast between November 24 and December 22, 2021, now Fortnite welcomes Clint Barton to his colorful map. Kate Bishop’s mentor therefore arrives there with his weapon in hand, for the modest sum of 2400 V-Bucks, in a bundle comprising not one, but two skins, that of Barton and that of Bishop.

The main duo of the series joins the roster of Fortnite, nearly a month after the series aired. Objects are obviously included, namely:

  • Hawkeye Arsenal back bling (sold with Clint Barton outfit): the timeless and traditional quiver.
  • Kate Quiver back accessory (sold with the Kate Bishop outfit): a quiver with a more modern style.
  • Drawn Slicer Pickaxe: get ready to uncheck it.
  • Piochesque Bow Pickaxe: the groove on its handle makes it unique.
  • Archerovoile glider: all this training has to be useful.
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It remains to be seen whether Fortnite will reserve the same fate for the next Disney+ series. The series will follow this year Moon Knight, she hulk, Ms.Marvel, Secret Invasion or I Am Groot.

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