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GeForce Now: streaming goes 4K on Mac and PC


Game streaming in 4K and 60 fps is now possible with Mac and PC versions of the GeForce Now client. Nvidia adds this technical capability to its RTX 3080 subscription plan, with no price change. It is offered at 100 € for 6 months, but a monthly offer at 20 € has recently appeared, it allows for example to test the service with its configuration.

This 4K game option obviously requires having a compatible screen to take full advantage of it and going through the macOS and Windows versions of the application, it does not work from web access. This option was previously reserved for the Shield TV while PCs and Macs did not go beyond 1440p (2560 x 1400).

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Nvidia puts the

Nvidia puts GeForce NOW app on Apple Silicon diet

Game streaming: preview of GeForce Now's new RTX 3080 formula

Game streaming: preview of GeForce Now’s new RTX 3080 formula

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