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GeForce Now: the RTX 3080 subscription now available on a monthly basis


Nvidia is making its most advanced subscription to GeForce Now a little more accessible. This is not a price reduction strictly speaking, but a new choice given for the subscription. Until now, the RTX 3080 offer was only available at €99 for six months. Now, one can choose to subscribe for one month only at €19.99. This new formula is more appropriate for testing the service and then possibly switching to the six-month formula, which is cheaper in the long term.

Apex Legends on Mac via GeForce Now

The RTX 3080 offer therefore includes access to the cloud gaming service with almost Nvidia’s most powerful card for maximum performance. Game sessions are also extended to 8 hours and the definition goes up to 1440p at 120 fps, or even 4K on the Shield TV.

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During our test, this offer convinced us: you can push the graphics to the limit on all games and the latency is very low. As a reminder, unlike Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming, the GeForce Now subscription does not include games, it’s up to you to link your Steam, Epic or Origin accounts to play streaming titles that you own and which are compatible. with service.

Game streaming: preview of GeForce Now's new RTX 3080 formula

Game streaming: preview of GeForce Now’s new RTX 3080 formula

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