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Google (finally) adds ⌘ + C / ⌘ + V shortcuts to Google Drive


Better late than never. Many years late, Google has just added several essential keyboard shortcuts to Google Drive. In particular, the classics ⌘ C / ⌘ X and ⌘ V to quickly copy, cut or paste documents finally work.

Picture: Google.

These are not the only shortcuts added by Google teams. ⌘ Entrée opens a folder in a new tab, while ⌘ Shift V will allow you to paste a shortcut to a file. Convenient to not clutter up its limited storage space in the cloud.

The integration seems to have been well thought out, and it will be possible to copy/paste a file between different tabs. Similarly, copying a file before going to paste it in an email or in another app will display the title of the document accompanied by a link. Only downside: this new feature is currently reserved for Chrome. These keyboard shortcuts are rolling out and will be available to everyone starting June 4.

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The new function of Google Docs.

With this addition, Google will continue to improve its suite of Google Workspace applications. Google Docs has also been updated recently, with a new function allowing you to select several text boxes spaced between them. This allows you to change them all at once, and you can quickly bold or italicize several words in a paragraph.

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