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GTA 6: the gameplay revealed after a big hack at Rockstar


Big blow for Rockstar on this early sunny morning. Since early this Sunday we have seen bloom on the internet dozens and dozens of videos and screenshots of a game that looks a lot like GTA 6. A leak that will be difficult to master for the publisher and developer, as its impact is immense.

GTA 6 : more than 80 videos leaked?

This morning, users of the GTAForums community site were pleasantly surprised to see videos and extracts presenting a strange game. Over 80 videos have been made available on the game’s fan media Grand Theft Auto. They quickly made the rounds of social networks and can now be found everywhere. According to the source behind this leak, it is a hack of the PS4 developer version of the game. The photos show where the game was in development 3 years ago. Ironically, maybe this PS4 version is already better than that of Cyberpunk 2077. Of course, all these videos and leaks are to be taken with a grain of salt, but given the enormity of the task and the content presented, it is difficult not to take it seriously.

gta 6 has even crazier NPC conversations pic.twitter.com/VxsCzMEEIk

September 18, 2022

The leaks therefore present us with a lot of elements of Rockstar’s next game, which is not expected before at least 2024, or even 2026. This somewhat ugly alpha version currently has the merit of showing us several things. Already, we can see the new city of Vice City, with a brand new port, named Port Gellhorn. Some cult places are back, like the Miami Club, already present in GTA Vice City. We can also see the two protagonists who will seem to evolve like Bonnie & Clyde in this colorful and variegated universe. They are currently called Lucia and Jason. On the videos, they can be seen in various gameplay phases, such as robbing a waffle restaurant and taking hostages before the police intervene. Gameplay level, the weapons can pass from one hand to the other of the character and be picked up directly from the ground. Other elements from the parody of the real world are also revealed, such as the instant messaging application WhatsApp which here becomes WhatUp!

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GTA 6 gameplay leak. Seems very VERY legit. pic.twitter.com/tZjpfA1M2T

September 18, 2022

As in Red Dead Redemption 2, some events seem to trigger randomly. Many dialogues are already present in the game. On the mission objectives, we can see certain terms come up regularly, such as “Lucia’s Friends” or “Abandoned Hovercraft”. Be careful though, the probability that this is a joke is certainly low, but not non-existent. Via mods and modification of the code of its predecessor GTA 5, it does not seem surprising to arrive at such a result. Even if it remains highly unlikely. Other, these leaks also confirm that Lucia will be the first female and Latin American protagonist of the GTA license, as confirmed by Rockstar. We have some of the leaked videos below.

the gta 6 “leaks” are really interesting if they are real pic.twitter.com/12qcZHJ9ne

September 18, 2022

Currently, there are only two possible hypotheses, given the extent of the leak. Either Rockstar will hunt down leaks and actively risk tracking down and deleting any leaked video, or they’ll accept those leaks, confirm them, and release some more.. The individual at the origin of these leaks specified to have other elements to diffuse. If it’s a hack, it probably demanded a ransom from Rockstar for the broadcast block, and Rockstar wouldn’t have relented yet. The case is to follow in the coming days, and we will obviously keep you informed.. The identity of the person behind the leaks is currently unknown. but a few days ago, one of the creators of the series GTA Mike Dailly had published Beta videos of the first game he had created with his colleagues at the time. Something that did not please the current owners of Rockstar, who decided to force him to remove all his videos concerning GTA. As it happened last month, the first eyes are on him for now.

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Gta 6 leaks pic.twitter.com/lAO3NbFHPC

September 18, 2022

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