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GTA Online: be careful, you risk a permanent ban because of this huge GTA V bug


Video games and bugs, a love story that has been going on for several decades now. With the arrival of the Internet and that of post-launch patches, many studios are delivering games full of bugs, glitches and other problems of all kinds. And now, lately, a new bug of GTA V can grant a permanent ban to certain players in GTA Online.

A dangerous bug

With new game services and their regular patches, new bugs are pouring in. Difficult to test all the possibilities of a game when it is updated very regularly with years of content. Only, it sometimes happens that new bugs appear over the patches, like the latest plague spotted by unfortunate players of GTA V and GTA Online. A bug which results in a permanent ban. Several players have unfortunately paid the price.

URGENT: Do not switch to GTA Online when playing Story Mode. There are ongoing reports from players that switching is causing and resulting in false GTA Online bans across PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

Always play GTA Online through the main menu until a fix arrives. pic.twitter.com/VaymRTQmgR

March 24, 2022

Do not upgrade to GTA Online when playing Story Mode. Players are currently reporting that the switch is causing fake bans from GTA Online on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

Always play GTA Online via the main menu until a solution is found.”

Information shared by Rockstar Intel, a site specializing in everything related directly or indirectly to Rockstar. And as the tweet above explains, this permanent ban comes when players jump directly from Story Mode to Online Mode. Following a particular bug, this manipulation leads to a false restriction resulting in a permanent ban. As a workaround, all players are encouraged to access GTA Online only through the game’s main menu.

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After analysis, it seems that this problem is related to the IP address and not to the account itself. Thus, by simply changing its IP address, it is possible to circumvent the problem. Rockstar would not have communicated with the first victims of this bug. Nevertheless, it’s a safe bet that the support is already on the spot. It remains to be seen whether Rockstar will be able to quickly correct this problem. Until then, it is advisable not to access GTA Online only via the main menu of GTA V.

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