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GTA Online: the multiplayer mode of GTA V could benefit from this huge extension


Waiting for the release of GTA VI which has just been officially announced as being in development by Rockstar, GTA Online could well benefit from a new extension planned for this summer.

One of the biggest expansions coming?

Indeed, according to a Portuguese leaker, it seems that Rockstar plans to offer a huge update GTA Onlinethe multiplayer mode of GTA V, for this summer. Of course, for now, nothing is official.

According to his information, GTA Online could therefore benefit from one of the largest bets with an expansion that would add a new playable map.

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Thus, by reading his tweet, we can notice the presence of the Statue of Liberty emoji which seems to indicate that this map could well be that of Liberty City.

A card reserved for GTA+?

Of course, since at the moment Rockstar has not announced anything officially, we must therefore take this information with a grain of salt. Some doubt it, others believe that it could be that part of the map of Liberty City will be added to GTA Online.

Maybe Liberty City will be well integrated into GTA Online, but to benefit from it, it will be necessary go through the monthly subscription plan launched by Rocktar. As a reminder, this is GTA + which allows, in exchange for $ 5.99 per month to be able to obtain advantages such as $500,000 in the game or access to new properties, vehicles and in-game objects.

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