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GTA V on PS5 postponed, but Rockstar is preparing surprises for GTA Online


The fans of Grand Theft Auto know it, it’s not this year that GTA 6 will come out of Rockstar boxes. The publisher had proposed the remastering of the trilogy GTA III, GTA Vice City and San Andreas, but for now, we have no information about this long-awaited future opus. However, it would seem that Rockstar is preparing to prepare surprises on PS5 and Xbox Series with GTA Online.

New features coming to GTA Online?

Indeed, if we are to believe the information revealed by a Brazilian leaker (@Matheusbr9895_), the latter announces that GTA Online could benefit from “2 or 3 things“. In a tweet in which he specifies cannot say more, he announces that players should most definitely prepare to travel in 2022.

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What can that mean? A new environment may well be offered soon ? So could this mean that players could soon say goodbye to Los Santos? GTA V is about to make its arrival on PS5 and Xbox Series even if Rockstar could postpone the development of the game for a few more months on next-gen consoles.

Another postponement in the development of GTA V

In fact, the development of GTA V on PS5 and Xbox Series would have experienced some difficulties. This new release expected for the month of March could see its availability postponed between April and May 2022. For now, we still have to wait for the formalization of this information from Rockstar, which could publish an article soon.

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To go back to GTA Online, his supposed surprises could be an opportunity to keep fans waiting by offering something new or to make them discover new territory GTA 6 although this opus is not expected for a few years.

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