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GTA VI: the place of the next game has just leaked thanks to this image


If we have the only certainty concerning GTA VI that its development is well underway, a recent image has just leaked on the networks and would reveal the next location of the game. The tweet in question comes from a source that has already proven itself. So ?

Always nothing…

Through the exits of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy ‚Äď The Definitive Edition last November, the version next gen of GTA V on PS5 and Xbox Series X on March 15, as well as regular updates on the mode onlinethe hopes of seeing GTA VI disembarking shortly turn to resignation.

However, rumors and speculations around Rockstar’s 6th opus are threading like pearls as time goes by. Locations, new characters, plot, release date, almost everything is scrutinized by the insiders and the most daring fans. However, still nothing concrete to eat, or almost, 11 years after the release of GTA V (Rockstar has confirmed that the game is officially in development).

The best of insiders GTA?

Among this flood of dubious informationinsiders (equally dubious), the very knowledgeable @Matheusbr9895_ (Matheusvictorbr), famous for having good relations within Rockstar, does not fail to try to pierce the veil which hangs over GTA VI. It is for example to him that we owe the reveal of the return of one of the most iconic stations in the game: West Coast Classics.

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Last February, it was also he who revealed the faces of two actors, Jorge Consejo and Guy Fortt who will – according to him – give their performances for the motion capture of the game.

Palm trees and paintings

Today, Matheusvictorbr has some new information to share with the thriving Rockstar community. According to him, if a direct reference to the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 can be found in the definitive edition of GTA San Andreashe says in a Twitter post, that the screenshot below of a house is taken from the next GTA.

Após alguns meses. Fui confirmed que ssa imagem é do Próximo Título da Grand Theft Auto series.

A localiza√ß√£o em Jogo, Possivelmente √© inspired Pr√≥ximo ao sub√ļrbio americano, Nas media√ß√Ķes de Hollywood – Florida.

Perfection! \u2764\ufe0f pic.twitter.com/IkkXzvrYsH

April 6, 2022

After a few months, I was confirmed that this image is from the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. The in-game location is likely inspired by suburban America near Hollywood, Florida.

This house, where two palm trees sit proudly, seems to come from a state with a tropical climate. We think of California or Florida, and more particularly of the cities of San Andreas and Vice City. Further, a Twitter user apparently discovered that the source of the image was from an actual home in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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However, this image has already been seen on the remaster of San Andreas, and more specifically on a wall along with other paintings. At the time, last November, some gamers had already spotted the image, and started speculating that it was a teaser of GTA 6. The return of the cliché therefore revives the rumor, especially since it comes this time from a more serious source.

Obviously, mistrust and taking a step back are in order, since nothing is confirmed on the side of Rocsktar Games. We will therefore have to wait for the New York publisher and developer to officially share the first images of its AAA.

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