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Halo Infinite: Master Chief’s XL Bust Nemesis Figure Is Impressive


While the series Halo in full swing, we let you discover this magnificent Nemesis collector figurine which represents the bust of Master Chief, the main character of the series and video games.

Halo Infinite : a new success for Xbox

The video game Halo Infinity was developed by 343 Industries in cooperation with the studio SkyBox Labs and this one incorporates a brand new engine, the Slipspace Engine. It is also the 6th installment in the series after Halo 5: Guardians released in 2015.

This 30 cm XL bust of Master Chief represents him perfectly with its many authentic and realistic details as well as a very beautiful finish. To order it, just go to this store.

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More recently, we were rewarded with a TV series of the same name in which we find MasterChief, the main character of video games Halo.

And if you prefer figurines from Funko Pop, here is a very nice selection that highlights the Spartan John-117.

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