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How about FaceTime calls on the Xbox?


Since iOS 15, all you need is a web browser to participate in a FaceTime conversation. And web browsers, that’s not what’s missing on a lot of devices, like Xbox consoles. It is possible to use Edge between two games of Forza or Halo.

On Reddit, JavonTEvans was able to experience a FaceTime call on its Xbox Series S, equipped with a webcam (a Logitech C930). To join the discussion, all she had to do was open the FaceTime link from her email provider’s site. Remember that it is not possible to initiate a call from a browser.

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In fact, this opening of FaceTime to the web allows you to enjoy it on a large number of devices, not just the Xbox for that matter. Finally, except Apple TV which is deprived of Safari (and also of web views in tvOS applications)… FaceTime calls could however be at the heart of a future Apple TV which would combine streaming box, camera and sound bar. What Apple could release in 2023, according to rumors.

Would Apple lay the foundation for

Would Apple lay the foundations for an “Apple TV FaceTime”?

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