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How to put a little oil between Safari and Google Sheet


It may be a niche problem but it can prove to be painful, especially since it affects a current service.. Google Sheet sometimes has trouble working properly with Safari 15, observes Pierre Dandumont on his blog ” the page crashed, blocked, stopped scrolling, etc. “.

We could see a similar behavior reported in a Google forum but users had forced the installation of a macOS on machines that were no longer supported by their system version.

Either way, the solution given is the same in both cases. It is necessary to deactivate an option (experimental) of display of the contents of the pages which exploits the hardware acceleration via the graphics chip: “GPU Process: Canvas Rendering”. It is found in the Development menu of Safari which itself is activated in the advanced preferences of the browser.

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This is a remedy to be tested, and one that is good to keep in mind if you are faced with pages – more complex than average in the services they offer – that behave strangely.

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