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Humble Bundle subscribers will lose access to Mac versions of their games at the end of the month


The Humble Bundle site will remove all Mac and Linux versions of its monthly subscription-based offering. This site allows you to buy games (which can be activated via Steam keys or others) but also to subscribe to have a batch of new games every month. This formula will be revised at the end of January and go from three more or less expensive offers to a single option. But above all, Humble Bundle announced that this redesign was linked to a launcher available only on Windows, which will prevent Mac and Linux players from downloading their titles.

The message received by Humble Bundle subscribers. He explains that the Mac and Linux versions of the DRM-free games currently in the “Humble Trove” will soon no longer be available. Through Reddit.

The group’s communication regarding this change is quite disappointing: subscribers received an email just over two weeks before the end of the web version of the service. In other words, they have less than twenty days to download Mac or Linux copies of their games, otherwise they will never be able to access them again. Updates to their purchased titles will no longer be provided. Windows players will be able to continue to enjoy their up-to-date, DRM-free catalog via a release dedicated.

The Humble Bundle was launched in 2010 and initially allowed to buy a bundle of DRM-free games against a donation. The emphasis was precisely on the availability of Mac and Linux versions for each title, while these OS were rather neglected at the time in terms of video games. You could divide your donation between an association, the developers or the publisher. The site then revised its business model several times, with bundles requiring a minimum donation while games offered only with DRM began to be included. Currently, the site sells keys for Steam and consort by donating part of its earnings to charity, in addition to offering a subscription formula.

This abandonment of Linux and macOS will therefore push players to other shops, such as Steam or GoG. The latter displays freely downloadable games without DRM. Steam focuses a lot on Linux, and in particular for its Steam Deck planned for this beginning of the year and which will run on Linux (Arch).

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