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“I don’t know how to go on living”: a survivor recounts her escape from Mariupol


The Russian army is withdrawing from certain regions of northern Ukraine to concentrate on the east. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky fears “powerful attacks”, especially on Mariupol. The health situation there is catastrophic. 160,000 people would still be blocked. Europe 1 collected the testimony of a survivor who managed to flee.

She describes herself, concisely, as “a simple 35-year-old woman, homeless, with nothing”. Two weeks ago, Katrina emerged from the hell of Mariupol, a port city stormed by Russian forces. If the army withdraws from the north to concentrate on eastern Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky fears “powerful attacks” on this city, where the health situation is catastrophic with 160,000 people stranded. But fear followed the mother to Lviv, in western Ukraine. “Today is the first time we went out in town. I felt so bad, like I had been broken,” she told Europe 1.

“I have so many friends who are dead”

“I don’t know how to continue living. I have so many friends who died, I still have family in Mariupol and I cannot communicate with them,” she continues. His voice is white. Between a sigh and a silence, Katrina recounts these children whose parents blindfolded them to hide those killed on the roads, she recounts her sick father-in-law who remained in Mariupol, dead, for lack of water and medicine.

“The Russian army is responsible”

“He did not die by weapons but by shortages. For me, the Russian army is responsible. They continue to bombard the city. It is already in ruins, but they continue to bombard it”, laments – she. However, Katrina clings to the hope of returning to live in her beloved city, which she has been helping as best she can since her flight, in particular by donating medicine.

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