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iCloud: Safari has problems syncing bookmarks and favorites


The latest updates to iOS, iPadOS and macOS play on the nerves of those who carefully organize their favorites bar in Safari as well as the contents of bookmark menus.

For some unexplained reason, the browser missynchronizes the positions of these elements between the different systems (15.4 and 12.3). The problem seems more acute when you have a Mac in the lot, while between iOS and iPadOS things seem to go better.

When dragging a new bookmark to a specific location within a folder, this bug replaces it by authority at the top of this menu. Safari on iPhone and/or iPad will display the correct postion but not on Mac. Restoring the correct order manually will not have an effect for very long, this disorder reappears quickly (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

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For the past few weeks, the two “Studio” bookmarks have been spending their time climbing to the top of the list when they are supposed to be ranked further down this bookmark folder.

The same is true with bookmarks or bookmark folders in the favorites bar, which also do not retain the position chosen by the user. Finally, trying to properly resynchronize your bookmarks as explained on an Apple support page does not produce the desired effects. We continue to spend our time putting back our bookmarks and folders. This problem has not been corrected by the updates released last week.

In forums, others also mention disturbances with the synchronization of tabs and the Reading List.

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