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iGeneration App, iGen Club: discover MacGeneration’s bell 🔔!


The most attentive readers may have already noticed, a bell 🔔 has appeared at the top of the iGeneration application on iOS and in the menu bar of the dedicated Club iGen site! And it has nothing to do with Easter… By touching or clicking on this icon, you will get the list of comment notifications and tagged articles. All this deserves a little explanation!

The bell in the iGeneration app for iOS. It is available to all logged in users, whether you are an iGen Club subscriber or not.
The bell on ClubiGen.fr

First of all, the bell allows you to be immediately informed when a reader has replied to one of your comments. Tapping the notification will immediately take you to the comment in question — feel free to keep the conversation going by replying to the comment! There will be no notification of comments posted by readers placed on your “muted” list.

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Bell notifications also include news for which you have saved tags. Let’s say you love our #Rumors articles (who doesn’t?): at the very bottom of each news item, tap the keyword to follow and select the desired option. On the Club iGen website, choose tags to follow (or unfollow) in the keyword block at the bottom of the news:

Keyword management takes place either in the settings Content from your account on ClubiGen.fr, or in the iGeneration app:

In the iGeneration application, keyword management is available in the iGen Club settings > Filter by tags. Swipe left on a tag to untrack it.

The bell is available to all iGeneration app readers connected to their iGeneration account (free), and of course to iGen Club members! Make sure you have version 5.10.2 of the application to enjoy it!

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