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Images of Apple’s possible dual-port charger


ChargerLAB has published images of what would be Apple’s next 35W power adapter. For the first time, Apple would offer two ports on this accessory, in this case two USB-C.

A trivial multiport configuration among the manufacturers of these adapters. The price may be out of step, however, since we are talking about Apple (see also Apple will launch a 35 W adapter with two USB-C ports this year).

The proposed design, compact, shows retractable sockets in the base and, on the edge, a hollow in the case to make it easier to hold in hand when you want to grab it with your fingertips to unplug it.

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Another Twitter account, that of DuanRui, has published similar photos of this accessory – in a 40W version – obtained from a source other than Apple. It says this charger will be available from multiple brands in the coming months. It is not clear if he is talking about copies or a generic design that Apple would have adopted.

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