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In London, the queen absent from a religious service in her honor, Meghan and Harry present


On the second day of Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee in London, a religious service was held at St. Paul’s Cathedral to celebrate 70 years of her reign. Tired, the sovereign could not attend the event, unlike the entire royal family, including Meghan and Harry, who returned from the United States.

All the royal family together…or almost. On the second day of Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee, a religious service celebrated her 70 years of reign, in the absence of the main interested party, tired after the military parade on Thursday. In front of the cathedral, where thousands of people had gathered, the absence of the queen made some disappointed. “It’s really sad, it’s a shame. I hope she’s okay. I’m worried about her health and I really hope she’s fine and that she’s going to live for many more years. But we’ll see because she is very frail,” said a Londoner at the microphone of Europe 1.

Inside this cathedral, the Archbishop of York addressed the Sovereign directly as she watched Mass on TV from Windsor. “Your Majesty, we are sorry for your absence,” he said before thanking her for her service to the nation.

The crowd mixed on the presence of Megan and Harry

In the assembly, the royal family was again reunited with Meghan and Harry, who had returned from the United States for the Jubilee. A presence received in a mixed way among the crowd. “It was a nice moment. It’s an opportunity that unites us, which unites the country, so it would have been a shame if they missed it,” said a Briton, when another wanted to be more shared. “It’s good that they are reunited as a family but I am torn. I don’t think they have done good things for the royal family, they have divided it”

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In the United Kingdom, the popularity of Megan and Harry has collapsed since their departure to the United States with 63% negative opinions.

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