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In the United Kingdom, the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II is also celebrated in an unusual way


From roller-skating queens to rubbish bins in the colors of the British flag, the platinum jubilee is on display all over the UK, sometimes in unusual ways. Crowned on June 2, 1953, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 70 years of reign this Thursday. On this occasion, the British will enjoy the festivities and four public holidays.

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 70th anniversary on Thursday. On the program, four days of festivities with a military parade, aerial parade and salute from the Queen and the Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. An event that interests the British who do not hesitate to celebrate the platinum jubilee, sometimes in an unusual way.

royal scarecrows

In Wellington, western England, villagers have put up 104 scarecrows dressed as queens, kings, princes and princesses. Among them, Princess Fiona from “Shrek”, Queen singer Freddie Mercury and Princess Leia from “Star Wars”.

In Chipping Sodbury, in the west of England, the party will be hosted by a queen moving on rollerblades, according to the British newspaper The Times.

Prince Charles, heir to the crown, danced the tango with an alpaca farmer during a reception at his private residence in Tetbury, western England. “It was wonderful,” said Bridget Tibbs. “It’s nice to dance with him, he has a good sense of rhythm, a good outfit. It was a pleasure”.

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An appearance by the royal family in a TV soap opera

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla made a surprise appearance on British soap opera ‘EastEnders’. The princely couple took part in a special jubilee episode of this hugely popular series about family disputes, scandals and sibling rivalries in a fictional London neighborhood.

Decorated trash cans

The queen’s favorite dog is breaking popularity records, according to the essential British Kennel Club, a specialist in canine news. Some 1,223 corgis were registered in 2021, a number not reached for 30 years. “The species has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years, mostly due, it would seem, to its place in the series The Crown“, according to the Kennel Club. On Twitter, the jubilee hashtag is accompanied by a dog emoji.

Also in the canine field, a waste treatment company has launched dog bins in the colors of the British flag. “Even the trash cans have a right to celebrate our monarch,” company spokesman Mark Hall said.

A queen sized cake

Lara Mason didn’t just bake a cake for the jubilee, she baked a queen-sized cake, with 400 eggs, 20 pounds of flour and as much butter.

Slices of the feast were distributed to bingo players in Birmingham along with, of course, a cup of tea.

Couture making of a full size queen

In the north of England, members of a tailoring group set out to tailor a queen and a full-size corgi. “She has been in my living room at several stages of the tailoring,” says Anita Armitt, 66 and a member of the sewing group.

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“The first time she was exposed outside, I felt the need to say goodnight to her because I had gotten used to doing it!”.

A miniature display of the royal family in Lego

At Legoland Windsor theme park, a miniature display of the royal family has been made from more than 18,000 individual bricks. The plastic tribute features a version of Buckingham Palace’s balcony and took around 282 hours to assemble.

When it comes to tributes, it’s hard to top more than 300 Royal Navy sailors drawing the royal cipher “E II R 70” on a 65,000 ton aircraft carrier. The event was held on the deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth II, also known as “Big Lizzie”.

Even Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon, famous for the anti-monarchy punk anthem “God Save the Queen”, has watered down his wine as the Jubilee approaches. “She’s been through a lot,” he told the Times, insisting that he has never had anything against a particular member of the royal family. “It’s the institution that bothers me and the fact that I have to pay for it.”

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